Edison KitでSSH接続許可

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Edison KitにSSHで接続するためにWifi設定などを行います。


root@edison:~# configure_edison –setup

Give this Edison a unique name.

This will be used for the access point SSID and mDNS address.

Make it at least five characters long (leave empty to skip): Edison名を入力します

Enter a new password (leave empty to abort)

This will be used to connect to the access point and login to the device.

Password:       ******** rootのパスワードを入力します

Please enter the password again:        ********

First-time root password setup complete. Enabling SSH on WiFi interface.

Do you want to set up wifi? [Y or N]: y Wifi接続を行いますので”y”を入力します

Scanning: 1 seconds leftt

0 :     Rescan for networks

1 :     Manually input a hidden SSID

2 :     XXXXXX

3 :     YYYYYYY

4 :     ZZZZZZZ

Enter 0 to rescan for networks.

Enter 1 to input a hidden network SSID.

Enter a number between 2 to 4 to choose one of the listed network SSIDs: 4 使用するWifiのSSIDを選択します

Password must be between 8 and 63 characters.

What is the network password?: ************* パスワードを入力します

Attempting to enable network access, please check ‘wpa_cli status’ after a minute to confirm.

Done. Please connect your laptop or PC to the same network as this device and go to http://192.168.AA.BB or http://CCCCCCCC.local in your browser. このようにIPアドレスとホスト名が表示されれば設定完了です



$ ssh root@CCCCCCCC.local